Spring 1958: Ingeborg Bachmann – celebrated poet, winner of the Prize of Group of 47 and Der Spiegel cover star – is about to bring her radio play “Der gute Gott von Manhattan” to the air. Max Frisch, busy at the time putting on the production of “The Arsonists”, writes to the “young poetess” to tell her how excited he is about her radio play. With Bachmann’s response in June 1958, a correspondence begins which – from their first meeting until long after their separation – gives witness to the lives, love and suffering of one of the best-known couples of the German-language literature scene. The topics covered in these autobiographical records are timeless: closeness and distance, admiration and rivalry, jealousy, the desire to escape and the fear of loss. Not to mention the difficulties of working in a shared apartment and the tension between the life of a writer and being part of a couple. Matthias Brandt and Sophia Burtscher read from the correspondence of the century.


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    17. October 2023

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