A childhood spent in unconventional circumstances, the divided Berlin, family ties and affinities and long, happy summers at the seaside. With her debut novel “Summerhouse, Later”, Judith Hermann set a new tone in German-language contemporary literature and became one of the most important literary voices. In her latest work, We’d Have Told Each Other Everything, Hermann discusses her writing and her life and what holds them together and connects them. Truth, invention, and secrets - where does a story begin, and where does it end? How dependable is our memory, how closely do our dreams resemble reality? In her novels and stories, Judith Hermann captures an entire attitude towards life: With a clear, poetic voice, she talks about the sensitive core of life, friendship, departure, and freedom. “Judith Hermann’s books are unswerving explorations of human situations” (Neue Zürcher Zeitung). Host: Christian Schärf


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  • Date:

    19. October 2023

  • Pre Pre sale price (fees excluded) 22 € | 18 € erm.

    Eve Evening fund price 28 € | 24 € erm.

  • KAUE Gelsenkirchen

    Wilhelminenstraße 176
    45881 Gelsenkirchen

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  • Accessibility

    • Wheelchair friendly + WC Available
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