Edgar, whose father was killed in the war, is being raised by his mother and uncle on Steinhammer Straße in Dortmund in the 1950s. He is expected to take over the barbershop eventually or, if he misbehaves, sent into the mines. He, his childhood sweetheart Nelly and his best friend Jürgen all dreaming of leaving behind the impoverished narrowness of their neighborhood. When Edgar gets the opportunity to learn window dressing and finds patrons, the door to the Düsseldorf art scene opens up for him ... Jörg Thadeusz, who himself lived for a while on Steinhammer Straße in Lütgendortmund, has written a “fabulous, captivating [...] and affectionate book” (Süddeutsche Zeitung) based on the life of his uncle Norbert Thadeusz, a painter who became one of Beuys’s master students and an art professor. The author will talk to Marie-Christine Knop about writing, the silences within families and the art of going your own way.


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  • Date:

    20. October 2023

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  • Salzlager
    UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein

    Heinrich-Imig-Str. 11,
    Parkplatz C oder Parkdeck Zollverein (kostenpfl.), Essen

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