Resilient rabbits and clever foxes. With Wilhelm Bode, Katrin Schumacher and Judith Schalansky

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You think you know everything there is to know about the resilient rabbit, its astonishing harmlessness, remarkable fertility and significance in mythology and cultural history? And you’re extremely well informed about the fox – the rabbit’s natural enemy – who now inhabits our urban environments and is considered a charming, cunning rogue? We promise you that this evening will teach you lots more about the two popular creatures. Because we’re bringing together the experts Katrin Schumacher (foxes) and Wilhelm Bode (rabbits) with writer and “Naturkunde” publisher Judith Schalansky to reveal new secrets about the two rivals. For the past 10 years, the Matthes & Seitz “Naturkunde” series has been teaching us about flora and fauna, fungi and humans, stones and celestial bodies and about natural habitats near and far. Time to celebrate this 10th anniversary!


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  • Date:

    19. October 2023

  • Pre Pre sale price (fees excluded) 18 € | 14 € erm.

    Eve Evening fund price 24 € | 20 € erm.

  • 9. Etage der Zentrale der Sparkasse Essen

    Logenstraße 9

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