Over the past year, have you tried to count the number of times that someone has made you shake your head or want to tear your hair out? You’re probably rolling your eyes right now as you read these lines. This is annoyance. This is the exasperation that darkens our mood when we look in the newspaper in the morning or question every plan with a sigh: Who knows what’s going on there now? Cordula Stratmann and Bjarne Mädel will explore how we can bring back the twinkle in the eyes of our sullen faces with the help of David Sedaris, Joachim Ringelnatz, Dorothy Parker, Michel de Montaigne and many other writers. It will all work out, as Schiller – or some other smart person – used to say.

Event data

  • Date:

    22. October 2023

  • Pre Pre sale price (fees excluded) 18–26 € | 14–22 € erm.

    Eve Evening fund price 24–32 € | 20–28 € erm.

  • Colosseum Theater Essen

    Altendorfer Str. 1
    45127 Essen

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  • Accessibility

    • Wheelchair friendly + WC Available
    • Assistance dogs welcome Available
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