The political podcast “Lage der Nation” [“State of the Nation”], co-hosted by journalist Philip Banse and lawyer Ulf Buermeyer, is one of Germany’s most successful podcasts. As Germany’s coalition government reaches the half-way mark of its term, the two authors present “Baustellen der Nation”, a book exploring the challenges Germany is facing. In light of the long-ignored need for reform in the healthcare system, the catastrophic shortfalls in the education sector and the slow-moving energy transition, the authors conclude that Germany is having a tough time getting into gear. But what is needed to successfully expand wind energy, eliminate digitalization backlogs and breathe new life into municipal government? With insightful research and interesting background information, the authors deliver an eye-opening book that makes us want to reflect more and take action to improve society. This a knowledgeable and opinionated work with the casual tone of the “Lage” podcast. Host: Marie-Christine Knop


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    22. October 2023

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    UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein

    Heinrich-Imig-Str. 11,
    Parkplatz C oder Parkdeck Zollverein (kostenpfl.), Essen

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