Social psychologist Harald Welzer, who recently co-authored “The Fourth Estate” with Richard David Precht, is an expert in transformation and an avid observer of the fault lines of society. His analysis of the current situation is understandably critical. Decreasing election turnout, dwindling church membership and falling TV viewership and newspaper circulation show that many of us no longer feel that German politics and media have anything to say to us. At the same time, multiple crises and increasingly unreliable public services – transport, schools, bureaucracy – are intensifying the public’s stress levels. Now, according to Welzer, we are beginning to recognize the legacy of four decades of dysfunctional neoliberal policy as an erosion of infrastructures, both material and mental. With “End of Times”, Welzer contributes to the debate, analyzes the situation and encourages us to rethink. Host: Susanne Fritz


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  • Date:

    18. October 2023

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    UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein

    Heinrich-Imig-Str. 11,
    Parkplatz C oder Parkdeck Zollverein (kostenpfl.), Essen

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