Youth Revolts and the Swinging Sixties – with Carmen Korn


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Carmen Korn masterfully brings the past to life in her novels. In “Between Today and Tomorrow”, the continuation of her “Three Cities” saga, the successful author (“trilogy of the century”) ushers in a new decade in Cologne, Hamburg and San Remo. The 1960s promise a new chapter of well-being and joie de vivre – but new eras always bring upheaval and partings, too. In San Remo, Gianni is looking after his friend, Pips, the former pianist at his jazz club, who must face up to dark events in his past. Gerda and Heinrich’s gallery in Cologne is flourishing. Their daughter Ursula is expecting a baby in Hamburg, but it’s not easy living with Elisabeth and Kurt, her parents’ life-long friends. While the next generation looks for its place in the here and now, Elisabeth prefers to hold on to the past. Korn portrays the small moments of big world events.
Host: Christian Schärf


Event data

  • Date:

    20. October 2022

  • Salzlager
    UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein

    Heinrich-Imig-Str. 11,
    Parkplatz C oder Parkdeck Zollverein (kostenpfl.), Essen

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    • Sign language Available
    • Wheelchair friendly + WC Available
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