The One who Set Out to Lose her Fear – Travel Tales with Doris Dörrie


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Doris Dörrie is one of Germany’s best-known filmmakers, delighting millions with works such as “Men” and “Cherry Blossoms”. As well as working on movies, she is a very successful author of short stories, children’s books, handbooks on writing, and novels. In “The Heroine’s Journey”, Dörrie writes about three journeys – to San Francisco, to Japan and to Morocco – and about what it’s like to be a woman travelling the world. Exposing yourself to the unknown and uncertain always means confronting your own fears, dependencies and losses at the same time. The common thread through her personal story is the hero’s journey, a myth that we’re familiar with from countless Hollywood movies, but which isn’t set up for a woman in the lead role. Disarmingly honest, funny and observant at the same time, Doris Dörrie becomes the heroine of her own story.


Event data

  • Date:

    23. October 2022

  • Salzlager
    UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein

    Heinrich-Imig-Str. 11,
    Parkplatz C oder Parkdeck Zollverein (kostenpfl.), Essen

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  • Accessibility

    • Wheelchair friendly + WC Available
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