In the face of million-dollar transfers, clubs owned by hedge funds and a World Cup in Qatar, it seems as if soccer has gone off the rails. Fans are annoyed by the skyrocketing pay TV fees and the fact that only one team can now win the German Bundesliga. At the same time, soccer is really flourishing. In his book, “At Any Price”, Christoph Biermann investigates “the true story of modern soccer, from 1992 to today”. He explains what’s gone incredibly well, what was completely wrong, and how we might proceed from here. Questions that the great Ruhr region author Frank Goosen also grapples with – not only because he’s a fan, but also spent seven years on the supervisory board of VfL Bochum. As honorary chairman of FC Schalke, Trivago CEO Axel Hefer has been working to turn around the fortunes of the soccer club since last year. Host: Louis Klamroth

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    20. October 2022

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