How fair is it for a soccer player to earn millions, while a cleaner doesn’t make enough to live on? And that people don’t all have the same access to clean water? Such questions of fairness are a recurring theme in the life of former soccer pro Neven Subotić. In the 1990s, Subotić fled former Yugoslavia with his parents. At the age of seventeen he came to Germany to play professional soccer. He won the championship with Borussia Dortmund and was considered one of the best defenders in the league. Then came wild nights, fast cars, a huge house with a jacuzzi. But at the pinnacle of his career, he decided to change his life’s focus. Today, the foundation he established gives people in Ethiopia access to clean water. His book “Giving Everything” is an appeal for more equity in the unworldly system of professional soccer and in a globalized world.
Host: Thomas Laue


Alles geben

Alles geben

Neven Subotic, Sonja Hartwig

Kiepenheuer & Witsch



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    21. October 2022

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