Tom Monderath meets his half-brother Henk quite by chance. Their father, Konrad, has already been dead for many years, but Henk wants to know more about him. When more half-siblings come forward, it gets too much for Tom. However, Henk and Tom’s girlfriend uncover Konrad’s past. Barely an adult, he fought in the war and was held captive by the Americans before coming to Heidelberg in the late 1940s. There he fell in love with Greta, not knowing that a secret from the Third Reich would haunt their joint family for a lifetime.
“Stay Away from Gretchen” was a brilliant debut for Susanne Abel. “Magnificent, enthralling and absolutely credible. This is a book you can’t put down until you’ve read to the end” (WDR5). “What I Never Said” is the sequel to “Stay Away from Gretchen” and is just as authentic, penetrating and emotional.
Host: Marie-Christine Knop; Text: Vera Teltz


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    21. October 2022

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    Parkplatz A1 und A2, Essen

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