“German literature has never seen anything like it”, says Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about Austrian author Wolf Haas. He has been releasing books in the unique crime series featuring detective Simon Brenner since 1996. Brenner’s new case is called “Rubbish”. Strict order prevails at one of Vienna’s refuse collection centers – until one day a human knee is found in the bulky waste container. Other body parts soon turn up – and to the great distress of the center’s staff, none of them have been disposed of correctly. Only the heart of the dismembered corpse is nowhere to be found, leaving investigators baffled. Fortunately, one of the trash collectors is an ex-police officer, who not only finds the missing heart and an accompanying letter, but also still remembers how to investigate a murder. And so Simon Brenner finds himself not only with a new case, but also up to his neck in difficulties. “An absolute delight for me” (Juli Zeh).

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  • Date:

    21. October 2022

  • Pre Pre sale price (fees excluded) 18 € | 14 € erm. (zzgl. Gebühren)

    Eve Evening fund price 25 € | 21 € erm.

  • Halle 5
    UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein

    Gelsenkirchener Straße 181
    Parkplatz A1 und A2, Essen

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  • Accessibility

    • Wheelchair friendly + WC Available
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