“My grandmother fell out with everyone twice. The first time was when they wanted to forget the horrors of the Nazi regime too quickly. And the second was when they didn’t want to accept the environmental catastrophes”, writes climate activist Luisa Neubauer. Dagmar Reemtsma’s father was murdered in a concentration camp. She married young and found out too late that her father-in-law from her new family, the Reemtsmas, was an accomplice of the Nazi dictatorship. Her granddaughter, Luisa Neubauer, came to understand that the country she was growing up in was failing to protect her generation from the climate crisis. As she began her studies to gain a deeper understanding of ecological catastrophes, her father died. But giving in to powerlessness was never an option for either woman. In her book, “Gegen die Ohnmacht” [Against Powerlessness], two extraordinary women take on a hundred years of German and European history – an intergenerational sisterhood.
Host: Marie-Christine Knop


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    20. October 2022

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  • Halle 5
    UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein

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    Parkplatz A1 und A2, Essen

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