That funny feeling. Iris Berben meets Anke Engelke


lit.RUHR 2018

That funny feeling. Iris Berben meets Anke Engelke

What is funny? Does it mean amusing, or strange? According to Merriam-Webster, the word can mean affording light mirth and laughter AND differing from the ordinary in a suspicious, perplexing, quaint, or eccentric way. Is it entertaining or unusual? This is nothing new. Either you laugh at something, or are puzzled by it. But who laughs at what? And who just shakes their head in bewilderment? Of course, this phenomenon can also be found between the covers of a book.
Iris Berben and Anke Engelke like things that are funny. And tonight, in their first joint appearance on stage, they will read some of the best examples: From Aristoteles to Kurt Schwitters, from Fanny Müller to Heinrich Mann, from the Name of the Rose to men’s jokes at Carnival. It is sure to be a funny evening. But, say again, what does funny mean?
Concept: Thomas Lienenlüke

  • Sunday 14 October

    14. October 2018

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  • Essen: UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein
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