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Mieze Katz was born in Berlin and is the front woman for the band MiA, founded in 1997. From the very beginning, she has written all of her own unique song texts that showcase her penchant for wordplay. Books and audio books have always fueled her passion. With hits such as “Hungriges Herz”, “Tanz der Molekül” and “Fallschirm”, MiA reliably fills the dancefloor and puts on legendary concerts. With the 2018 launch of the first German-language podcast about audio books, “Uphören mit Mieze”, the energetic artist has been able to fulfil a long-held dream. Together with Ralf Niemczyk, she presents her latest audio book discoveries, interviews narrators and authors, peeks behind the curtains of the audio book world and radiates infectious enthusiasm.

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Books with contribution of Mieze

Ronja, Räubertochter

Ronja, Räubertochter

Astrid Lindgren



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